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International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Resource (IJEEER) is a double blind peer reviewed International Journal that provides rapid publication (within a month) of articles in all areas of electrical and electronics engineering and its applications. The journal welcomes publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and practical applications in electrical and electronics engineering. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews, and high quality technical notes are invited for publications.

IJEEER carries original research articles in several areas of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

This international journal endeavours to provide an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field. Also, IJEEER encourages actively collaboration between academia and industry along the fields of electrical and automation technology.

IJEEER  focuses on the following topics but not limited to:

The main subject areas covered by this journal are, but not limited to:

1. Power Components and Power electronics
2. Electromagnetic Compatibility
3. High voltage engineering
4. Electrostatics
5. Electrical Machines and Actuators
6. Power Electrical Systems
7. Energy Storage and Management
8. Renewable energies
9. Embedded Energy Systems
10. Automation and control of systems
11. Signal, Image and Video Processing
12. Industrial and Electronic Informatics
13. Diagnosis and Non-Destructive Testing
14. Numerical modeling and methods
15. Microwave Circuits and Systems
16. Antennas and Wave Propagation


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IJEEER provides individual soft copy of certificates to all authors after online publication.

Why publish with IJEEER ?

IJEEER is an ideal outlet for the publication of your significant research findings. Its goal is to ease the whole publication process by offering excellent services and expertise.

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IJEEER Journal a broad-based open access, was founded on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of our functional Journal.

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